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Aaron Schock Town Hall Meeting

When: November 2, 2009 7:00 PM

Five Points Washington
360 N. Wilmor Road
Washington, IL 61571

U.S. Representative Aaron Schock will be holding a public town hall meeting on Monday evening in Washington (near Peoria), Illinois.  Rep. Schock will use this opportunity to discuss the national healthcare bill.

A press release for this event was posted just minutes ago: http://www.pjstar.com/news/x1659493955/Schock-plans-town-hall-meeting-on-health-bill
If you are able to attend this event, please remember to keep your tone and manner respectful at all times.  Hope to see many of you there!!

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Update 10/24/2009 Since the treaty mentioned in this post will NOT be signed this year (see today’s post) we now have time to take planned action. Here are suggestions from the website GlobalClimateScam.com:

Ten Things You Can Do

boy-flagThe most common question we get from people is “what can I do to make a difference?”  Here’s a list of ten things you can do to promote the cause of freedom.

1. Use this website to get educated on the evidence against global warming.

2. Post a copy of the Lord Monckton video on your social networking page.

3. Send an email to your friends asking them to sign the petition at www.NoCapAndTrade.com.

4. Print copies of our “Five Facts About Global Warming Flyer” and distribute them in your neighborhood.

5. Order a copy of the movie “Not Evil Just Wrong”. Invite your neighbors over to watch and discuss the movie.

6. Schedule a visit with your members of Congress. If you can’t physically meet with them, the next best thing is to make a phone call. Emails are the least effective method of communication.

7. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

8. Put a GlobalClimateScam bumper sticker on your car.

9. Create a list of like-minded individuals and keep them updated with emails about the issue.

10. Make a donation to help us promote the cause for freedom.

From Global Climate Scam.com:

On October 14, Lord Christopher Monckton, a noted climate change skeptic, gave a presentation at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. In this 4-minute excerpt from his speech, he issues a dire warning to all Americans regarding the United Nations Climate Change Treaty, scheduled to be signed in Copenhagen in December 2009. (this link takes a while to load)

The above video is a 4 minute excerpt from Lord Monckton’s 95 minute presentation.

The video below is the entire 95+ minute presentation:

To read an article by Lord Monckton go to this link:

Great Is Truth, and Mighty Above All Things – keynote address to the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change.

The clock is ticking, Fellow Americans. We must try with all our strength and abilities to stop this treaty from being signed by our President. If we cannot stop it, we stand to lose our freedoms and the future freedoms of our children. If this treaty is signed, we will lose our Free Republic to Communism and America will never be the same. Tell your family, your friends and neighbors. Sound the alarm before it is too late. We have 54 days to stop this. Contact your Senators and Representatives.

For more information, go to GlobalClimateScam.com

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One of our Central Illinois 9/12 Members, Larry Travis, wrote an excellent letter to the editor of the State Journal Register in Springfield, Illinois.

Government doesn’t seem to trust us
Many are jobless, the economy lags and current legislation portends major changes in our lives. As the Sept. 12 March on Washington illustrated, these are stressful times — and many folks are desperately concerned.

However, we also have reason for great optimism. As chaotic times force us to revisit what it means to be American, we have a chance to reacquaint ourselves with the unique heritage that made America worth the pride and sacrifice of so many.

The efforts of the Central Illinois 9/12 Project Group might just be the best example. By learning about our nation’s founding, the folks in this group have seen, maybe some for the first time, the unique story of America’s creation and how it serves as a template for progressing our country today to unprecedented greatness. Our Founding Fathers recognized the presence of God in creation and saw the great potential he gave humanity, so long as we accepted the responsibility of following his natural law. The Founders saw us as good and worthy of the freedom to govern ourselves responsibly. We then took it upon ourselves to serve others in compassion and justice — and to elect virtuous leaders to handle tasks beyond the scope of what we could do directly. Just imagine: The government trusted the people to govern themselves, and the people responded by being caring, charitable and just.

Nowadays, our government just doesn’t seem to trust us anymore and we suffer the results. While America has made its share of mistakes in the past, we really are a good people and capable of great things — so long as we assume responsibility for ourselves and complement this by working cooperatively with truly virtuous leaders. That’s the mission of the 9/12 Project and a reason of hope for all.

Larry Travis Jr.
Assistant organizer
Central Illinois 9/12 Project

Way to go, Larry!!

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durbinAccording to the Quincy News:

“A spokesman for U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) says the senator’s office will no longer send media information to Quincy’s oldest radio station because the station decided to let the public know he was coming to town.”

Read the article here

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**The number of pink slips sent now totals more than 3 million!!**


There is a massive grass-roots effort in the works to get Congress’ attention.

From World Net Daily:

“WND announced the “Send Congress a Pink Slip” campaign yesterday and it has already reached one-tenth of its stated goal of 5 million notices, individually addressed, personalized with senders name and address and delivered to all members of Congress by Fed Ex. Already, half a million of the “pink slips” are on their way to Washington.

“This looks like a historic effort – comparable to the massive march in Washington, the tea party rallies and the town hall actions,” said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND. “I’m quite sure nothing like this has ever before been undertaken.”

The pink slips are being delivered to all 535 members of Congress by FedEx informing them that they work for the taxpayers. There are 4 issues listed as unacceptable:

  • government health care
  • cap and trade
  • “hate” crimes
  • any more spending

FedEx ensures that these will be delivered directly to the recipients. This effort puts Congress on notice that if they vote for any of these 4 issues, they will be voted out in the next election.

To order your pink slip and for more details of this massive effort go to World Net Daily

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There were “just a few thousand” people in the March on Washington DC on 9/12/2009 according to the “fringe” media.

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march crowd 2march crowd 3march crowd 4march crowd 5

Yeah….”just a few”

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Welcome all 912ers! and others of like mind. You can read our “About” page to find out where we are coming from and where we are going. Our group is growing in numbers and knowledge every day. Many small groups have formed and we are engaged in this fight for our republic and our freedoms. Some of our members just returned from Washington DC having gone there for the March on 9/12/09. It was a once in a lifetime experience that we won’t soon forget. Enjoy some of our pictures:

(Click on picture to see larger version. Use back arrow to return to blog)

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