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Peck's 2nd poster as he submitted it for the kindergarten assignment

Kindergartner fights for Jesus poster for 10 years
3rd appeal in decade-long battle over child’s portrait of Christ

Posted: October 14, 2009
9:13 pm Eastern

By Chelsea Schilling
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

A former kindergarten student has been fighting a legal battle for 10 years after his teacher and principal censored his art project because it included a figure of Jesus.

The boy’s poster was displayed for part of one day on a cafeteria wall, just like 80 other student posters, with one exception – his drawing was folded in half to conceal Jesus.

poster as it was displayed in the cafeteria (folded to hide Jesus)

poster as it was displayed in the cafeteria (folded to hide Jesus)

Why is this story important? Because this child’s Constitutional rights are being denied. There is no “separation of Church and state” in the US Constitution. Here is the First Amendment as it is written:

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

H/T:  Chelsea Schilling


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One of our Central Illinois 9/12 Members, Larry Travis, wrote an excellent letter to the editor of the State Journal Register in Springfield, Illinois.

Government doesn’t seem to trust us
Many are jobless, the economy lags and current legislation portends major changes in our lives. As the Sept. 12 March on Washington illustrated, these are stressful times — and many folks are desperately concerned.

However, we also have reason for great optimism. As chaotic times force us to revisit what it means to be American, we have a chance to reacquaint ourselves with the unique heritage that made America worth the pride and sacrifice of so many.

The efforts of the Central Illinois 9/12 Project Group might just be the best example. By learning about our nation’s founding, the folks in this group have seen, maybe some for the first time, the unique story of America’s creation and how it serves as a template for progressing our country today to unprecedented greatness. Our Founding Fathers recognized the presence of God in creation and saw the great potential he gave humanity, so long as we accepted the responsibility of following his natural law. The Founders saw us as good and worthy of the freedom to govern ourselves responsibly. We then took it upon ourselves to serve others in compassion and justice — and to elect virtuous leaders to handle tasks beyond the scope of what we could do directly. Just imagine: The government trusted the people to govern themselves, and the people responded by being caring, charitable and just.

Nowadays, our government just doesn’t seem to trust us anymore and we suffer the results. While America has made its share of mistakes in the past, we really are a good people and capable of great things — so long as we assume responsibility for ourselves and complement this by working cooperatively with truly virtuous leaders. That’s the mission of the 9/12 Project and a reason of hope for all.

Larry Travis Jr.
Assistant organizer
Central Illinois 9/12 Project

Way to go, Larry!!

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prayer-at-valley-forgePer Glenn Beck’s request via Twitter (“Sept 28. Lets make it a day of Fast and Prayer for the Republic. Spread the word. Let us walk in the founders steps.”), we will be meeting on Sept. 28th for a time of prayer.

Two of our group’s members, Stan & Delbra Pratt, Illinois State Coordinators, National Day of Prayer Task Force have volunteered to organize a prayer meeting to take place that evening. We will be meeting from 6 to 7:45 PM on Sept 28th at the downtown Springfield Lincoln Library to pray together for the republic. To assist us in making adequate preparations, please RSVP on our website (www.meetup.com/CentralIL912Project, go to the “Calendar” tab on the left) if you plan to attend.

This event could be the most powerful action we have ever taken! We encourage you to take this time to join us in this call for Divine help.

Thanks to all of you for your efforts to save this republic!

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From Glenn Beck via Twitter:

“Sept 28. Lets make it a day of Fast and Prayer for the Republic. Spread the word.Let us walk in the founders steps.”

Let’s join our prayers on September 28th for the Republic!

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