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President Obama Won’t Talk Climate Change in Copenhagen

Did he have a change of heart? That just sounds weird that Obama won’t talk climate change. Not to worry:

From Ace of Spades HQ>>>>

Fortunately, plans for global wealth redistribution (enrobed in phony environmentalism) are foundering on the objections of India and China. So it looks like there won’t be anything for Obama to sign, anyway.

Apparently, the Indians and Chinese recognize the direct connection between carbon emissions and standard of living. Having had more recent experience in that condition, they understand how living in a less-industrialized state is major suckage and misery. Not some Rousseauian fantasy that persists among the Birkenstocked crowd.

We dodged the bullet this time America thanks to India and China. This gives us more time. Thank you Lord Monckton for waking us up!


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